Since 1990 the farm Rebula has udertaken the »osmica« as a subsidiary activity. The »osmica« opens for ten days every year the first week in June and offers to the visitor homemade and homegrown products: Teran PTP, Malvazija, Br`stovska penina, Teran liqueur, homemade apple juice, the Karst ham, salami, bacon, dried neck, cheese, cheese seasoned with olive-oil, garlic and parcley, boiled eggs, in oil preserved aubergines, and other pickled vegetables. The Karst dish offers homemade sausages and Karst sausages, grilled porc fillet, sour cabbage, and turnip, soured in Teran grapeskins of pressed grapes. On the menu there is also a typical and deliciuos dessert : boiled »štruklji«, filled with cottage cheese, nuts and sprinckled with crumbles. Homemade dishes are especially tasty with home-backed bread.